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Week 2: Officer Elections & Speeches
Posted by: Emily Wong on 2023-04-12

Upcoming Events: Officer Election this Saturday April 15th, 2023

This Saturday we will be holding officer elections to decide our officer team for the upcoming 23-24 school year. Speeches will likely take place during the dinner break, and the election process will take place on this very website. You need a membership to vote, but you don’t need one to run, so if you’re still interested, you can fill out this form by Thursday 4/13 and submit a written speech to Michael B., our vice president: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSey34NhUo9iETJOtaYFzeTgo3jIpK3x5FcbIJbGxCZz8IksDw/viewform. As a reminder, speeches are usually 2-3 minutes, and you just have to talk about yourself and/or what shows you may nominate for club. Speeches should be less than 4 minutes.

Regularly Scheduled Events

Our second hangout of Spring Quarter will be this Thursday on April 13th, so come over to chill and play trivia.

We will of course also be holding our weekly Saturday Meeting and watching these episodes:

5:10 Deca-Dence Episode 7
5:40 Mob Psycho 100 Episode 19
6:10 Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku Episode 6
6:40 Puella Magi Madoka Magica Episode 7
7:05 Dinner!
8:05 The Eccentric Family Episode 7
8:35 Great Pretender Episode 18
9:05 Vinland Saga Episode 18
9:35 Samurai Champloo Episode 20

Halloween Party!!! This Saturday 10/29!
Posted by: Emily Wong on 2022-10-25

Hello Minna!

As many of you know, club puts on a Halloween party once a year. This year's Halloween party will be in 4 days on October 29th from 10 am - 10 pm. No need to stay the entire time though. Feel free to come and go as you have time. The Halloween party will be on the first floor of Building 180 (Baker Science) in rooms 101, 107, and 114.

The Party will consist of several events including:

  • Trivia (a Jeopardy-style anime quiz competition)
  • Anime Eyes (identify the character given a pixelated image to win points)
  • Panel (presentation by alumni of club)
  • Video Game Tournament (the game will be announced at the time of the event)
  • Art Contest (on the day of the event, either submit your digital artwork or bring your physical artwork)
  • Cosplay Contest (come in cosplay or change at the event)

As a heads up, to sign up for the Anime Trivia and Anime Eyes will be based on a first come, first serve basis!!! The timeline for these events can be found below.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Halloween Party!

Club Bonfire at Grover Beach, This Sunday 10/2!
Posted by: Dominic Mares on 2022-09-30

Hello Minna!

We are happy to announce our first club event outside of our weekly hangout meetings and watch days! We will be having a bonfire Sunday (10/2) at Grover beach at 7:00 and will be meeting in front of the PAC at 6:00 (NOT POLY TIME) to sort out rides. If you're interested please signup through the link below and do so asap as we may have to limit people based on how many drivers we have.

This form will close Friday 9/30, so sign up sooner than later!

link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe-Q3eaJ5epE9nqeoDnHA17_zwgqe042KhGqHHk93FXeDr_ig/viewform?usp=sf_link

First Meeting: Saturday!?
Posted by: Dominic Mares on 2022-06-01

Welcome back Minna!

We will be starting up our weekly watch schedule this Saturday (9/24)! We'll be meeting in the Silo (03-213) from 5-10 p.m. and will begin the night with introductions/a fun club created game called "Anime Eyes". Because of this, we will not be showing episode 1 of Dragon Pilot until next week and will be starting the night's viewing with Mob Psycho 100. There will be no other deviations from our regular schedule other than this and the schedule will be back to normal next weekend (10/1).

Hope to see you all this Saturday!

-The Officer Team

Election Reminder and Saturday Meeting info
Posted by: Conrad Kinsey on 2022-04-21

Hello Minna!

Great seeing those of you at hangout tonight. We got a few quick reminders to catch you up on current events.


To those of you who are paid members, elections will be closing this Saturday at 5 pm. Votes that are not in by then will not be counted. you have been warned.

We will be announcing the results at the start of the dinner break on the same day. Please don't miss it, especially if you are running. We will be taking a picture of the new officer team after they are announced.

If you are confused about how voting works, you can find the instructions here

please direct any questions to our webmaster, Tomas.

Show Schedule for Saturday

Room 03-213 (the Silo)

Lupin III: The Italian Adventure Ep 18 (5:10 pm)
One Week Friends Ep 6 (5:40 pm)
A Place Further than the Universe Ep 6 (6:10 pm)
Princess Tutu Ep 19 (6:40 pm)

Dinner (7:10 pm)

Mekakucity Actors Ep 6 (8:05 pm)
91 Days Ep 6 (8:35 pm)
Planetes Ep 20 (9:05 pm)
Fate/Zero Ep 18 (9:35 pm)

Room 03-114

Vote for shows here: here
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Next Hangout Meeting: 9/27, 6:00

Next Watch Meeting: Saturday 9/30, 5:00

5:10Stars Align01
6:10Made in Abyss01
8:35JoJo Bizzare
9:05Steins Gate01
9:35Neon Genesis