Second Meeting, This Saturday 10/1/22!

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2021 - 2022 Year Shows!
Posted by: Shawn Budwal on 2021-09-11

Hello, Everyone !

As our Mission Unguessable event comes to a close, we would like to thank everyone for the amazing participation! We had a great time making clues and watching how you all would break them down to uncover the shows they represented. That being said, we have officially revealed every show in our lineup, which means it is now time to release the schedule for 2021-2022.

Note: we are proceeding under the understanding that we will be returning to our normal in-person meeting format.


Minna no Anime 2021-2022 Official Schedule

5:10pm: Lupin III: The Italian Adventure

5:40pm: The Great Passage (Fall) & One Week Friends (Winter/Spring)

6:10pm: Zombie Land Saga (Winter/Spring) & A Place Further Than the Universe (Winter/Spring)

6:40pm: Princess Tutu

7:05pm: Dinner break (1 hour)

8:05pm: Bloom Into You (Fall) & Mekakucity Actors (Spring)

8:35pm: Ping Pong The Animation (Fall) & 91 Days (Winter/Spring)

9:05pm: Planetes

9:35pm: Fate/Zero

Though the schedule may be completed, we still have one final task for club as part of Mission Unguessable. Please head over to mission_briefing for your last instructions.

New Email List!
Posted by: Tomas Ludin on 2021-09-14

Hey Everyone! Please read this short announcement about our new email system!!

TLDR: Php bad, and that's the system we have been using for our email lists. So we got a new one.

Fill this out to be added to the new system!

Note: If you were in the old php system, there has been an email sent out with the same information (hopefully it is the last Php List email, or I will be rolling in my grave). If you fill out the form here, feel free to ignore that email, but please do not fill out the form twice.

Thank you all, the first email with the new system will be sent out during our Hangout meeting on Thursday, so keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't get banished to your spam/trash.

First Meeting + Day 0!
Posted by: Wesley Deffenbaugh on 2021-09-15

Hey everyone!

Tomorrow will mark the day of our first in-person meeting in over a year! It is just one of our hangout sessions, so it will be a pretty chill meeting so feel free to stop by, get some food, and chat with some folks. This will take place in the Business Building in room 204 (003-0204).

Our first anime-watching meeting is this Saturday, and you all may be curious what this "Day 0" is all about. Day 0 is essentially a meeting where we don't watch any of the shows from our planned schedule from the year, as school has not started yet. Instead of the usual lineup, the officers pick other shows to watch. That being said, here is the schedule for Day 0 this year:

5:10 PM - Keep your Hands off Eizouken! - Episode 1
5:40 PM - Mushishi - Episode 1
6:10 PM - Ao no Exorcist - Episode 1
6:40 PM - Ojii-san no Lamp
7:05 PM - Dinner
8:05 PM - Pale Cocoon
8:35 PM - Durarara!! - Episode 1
9:05 PM - Utena - Episode 1
9:35 PM - Ninja Slayer From Animation (Dub) - Episodes 1 + 2

The meeting will be held in the Business Silo (003-0213). If you are not sure about how to get here or have any questions, please feel free to notify an officer or DM one of us on our Discord for more clarification.

Additionally, our Discord server has somehow reached level 2, so we have more emote slots. However, we wanted to see which emotes are actually wanted on the server, so we made this for to gauge interest for each emote. The form can be found here:

Thank you for reading this lengthy announcement, and hopefully see you all tomorrow in Room 003-0204 in the Business Building for Hangout!!!

Welcome to the new Website!
Posted by: Tomas Ludin on 2021-09-18

Hello Everyone!

As you can see, this website probably looks very different than the one you are used to finding when you type in It is my privilege to announce after a summer of hard work we now have a new website! When you have time be sure to go check it out!

If you have any questions or problems be sure to contact me (Tomas), the MNA webmaster (Email:, Discord: @Groknar#6267).

I hope you enjoy the new club website!


Posted by: Conrad Kinsey on 2021-10-27

Hello Minna! As many of you know, club puts on a Halloween party once a year. This year's Halloween party will be in 3 days on October 30th from 10 am - 10 pm. No need to stay the entire time though. Feel free to come and go as you have time. The event will be inside, so please remember to bring a mask and follow COVID guidelines. The Halloween party will be on the first floor of Building 180 (Baker Science) in rooms 101, 102, 107, and 114.

The Party will consist of several events including:

  • Trivia (a Jeopardy-style anime quiz competition)
  • Anime Eyes (identify the character given a pixelated image to win points)
  • Panels (presentations by fellow members/alumni of club)
  • Video Game Tournament (the game will be announced at the time of the event)
  • Art Contest (bring your content to the party)
  • Cosplay Contest (come in cosplay or change at the event)

While you can sign up for any event the day of, we will be giving priority for the Anime Eyes and Trivia games to those that fill out the form found here. The timeline for these events can be found below.

Please note that while anyone can participate in the events, only paid members can receive prizes from playing. Examples of prizes include gift cards and convention tickets, so don't miss out!

I look forward to seeing you all at the Halloween Party!

Anniversary Party Schedule!
Posted by: Wesley D on 2022-02-14

Wow, it's been a long time since anything has been posted here. This weekend we will be having our 30th Anniversary Party! Attached below is a schedule for the weekend. We will be posting here with more announcements this week, so stay tuned!

Anniversary Party II
Posted by: Tomas Ludin on 2022-02-15

4 days remain!

In leadup to the Minna no Anime 30th Anniversary Party this Friday-Sunday we are going to be touching on some of the events and what to expect this weekend. Today we are bringing you details about: Contests

T-Shirt Contest

This year, our T-Shirt contest, where the design for our yearly t-shirt is decided, is being voted on at the Anniversary party!

If you are interested in submitting a design for the party, please send your design to Tomas, our Webmaster. You can reach him on Discord with @Groknar#6267 (also or send the design to the club email: Thank You for your contributions!

The rules and design guidelines can be found here:

Submissions will close on February 19th.


Cosplay Contest

As always, we will be having a cosplay contest! If you enjoy creating or wearing cosplay, make sure to drop by to participate, you can wear your cosplay all day or just before the contest in the evening Saturday.


Anime Music Video (AMV) Contest

This Anniversary Party, we’ll also be having an AMV contest! If you want to submit a video for the contest, please send a link or the video to Wesley. You can reach him with @Woonoo#4913 on Discord or use his Cal Poly email which is Make them funny, exciting, sad, or whatever!

We can’t wait to see your awesome videos!


Art Contest

If you have ever attended the Halloween Party, you may be familiar with the art contest we hold. If you have artistic talent, you can be sure to showcase it here! We don’t have a specific theme, but we would love to see pieces inspired by previous club shows, which you can find on the Schedule page of our website (


Silent Auction, Food, and Anniversary Award Information!
Posted by: Wesley Deffenbaugh on 2022-02-15

3 days remain!

In leadup to the Minna no Anime 30th Anniversary Party this Friday-Sunday we are going to be touching on some of the events and what to expect this weekend. Today we are bringing you details about the following: Silent Auction, Food, and Anniversary Awards

Silent Auction On Saturday and Sunday there will be a room dedicated to a silent auction of anime and manga related merchandise donated by club members, with all proceeds going to club to help fund the Anniversary Party.

If you have unneeded anime and manga things, consider donating them for the auction – they’ll find a new home and it will benefit Minna no Anime. Items could include, but aren’t limited to: DVDs, books, posters, fanart prints, cards, figures, models, keychains, pins, CDs, apparel, and games of all kinds.

To all potential buyers – expect great deals! Each item will have a paper next to them which you can fill out at any point with a bid above the item’s minimum and in dollar increments. Minimum prices will be low. Additionally, the auction paper will include an option for you to name a recipient of the item – know a friend in club who would really love (or totally hate) a given item? Enjoy the gift of giving!

The Food The food situation this week is a bit complex, so make sure to read this carefully!

Friday, which is our movie night, independent groups will go out and grab dinner in a similar way to what we do on regular Saturdays.

Saturday, we will be providing filling snacks throughout the day and we will be having the classic Costco Pizza and cans of soda for dinner. Food will come with a small charge to help cover the costs.

Sunday, we will be starting a bit later, and will be offering a catered lunch of sandwiches and other goodies from Sprouts!

30th Anniversary Awards

We have watched a lot of anime in the past five years, and is there really a better way to remember all of it then to have an award show for all of them? On the final day of the party, we will be having an awards show that revolves around the anime that we watched in previous years, with the results being decided on by you! After multiple rounds of preliminary voting, the form for the final round is ready now.

Turn in your votes here:

The Price is Right, Family Feud, Anime Trivia + Eyes, and Video Game Tourney Information!
Posted by: Wesley Deffenbaugh on 2022-02-16

2 days remain!

In leadup to the Minna no Anime 30th Anniversary Party this Friday-Sunday we are going to be touching on some of the events and what to expect this weekend. Today we are bringing you details about: Club Events (Family Feud, The Price is Right), Anime Trivia & Eyes + Sign-ups, Video Games

Family Feud - Ever wanted to play Family Feud, but with anime topics? Yeah, us too! This version of Family Feud will revolve around topics associated with anime. If you want to have a good time answering these questions (well or not well), then we suggest you come to this event!

The Price is Right - In a spin on the classic game show, the anniversary party will be featuring a version of The Price is Right that revolves around anime merchandise. If you are an avid collector of such items, be sure to drop by and profess your knowledge!

Sign ups for both of these events can be found here, first come first serve:

Anime Trivia and “Eyes”

You may already be familiar with Anime Trivia and Eyes, but if you’re not, never fear!

Anime Trivia is our version of Jeopardy, with topics centered around anime and manga. If you know a lot about anime, then this is the event for you!

Anime “Eyes,” is a game created by Minna no Anime that features a pixelated anime character that gradually becomes more clear. The quicker you guess, the more points you gain. However, be careful, as you can also lose the equivalent amount of points if you are incorrect. If you’re whiz at remembering character names, then check this out!

If you would like to secure a spot to participate, please fill out this form here:

Video Game Tournament

Like during the Halloween Party, there will be a time block for an organized video game tournament. The game (or games) will not be announced until the very beginning of the Tourney so sweaty try-hards can’t practice beforehand. Prove that you are the objective best gamer in Club, or potentially all Cal Poly

Signups will happen on Saturday in-person, but to help us understand how big a bracket we need to create react with a thumbs up emoji in our #announcements channel on our Discord (accessible on the sidebar of this website!)

Movie Night, Lorne Lanning, and Panels Information!
Posted by: Wesley Deffenbaugh on 2022-02-17

1 day remains!

In leadup to the Minna no Anime 30th Anniversary Party this Friday-Sunday we are going to be touching on some of the events and what to expect this weekend. Today we are bringing you details about: Friday Movie Night, Lorne Lanning Panel, and Club Member Panels!

Friday Day 0 Movie Night

On Friday Night (tomorrow!), after dinner, Club will be watching an anime movie. Which anime movie? That is for the Club to decide! A short list of movies has been pre-determined and during the dinner break vigorous debate and parliamentary democracy will narrow that down to a single film to be watched.

Movie will be starting at (or shortly after) 8:00pm

Special Panel by Lorne Lanning:

Guest Speaker Lanning

Here's some information from @Skelter#6889 (Jon) regarding our upcoming guest speaker, so please read carefully!! "If you hadn't already heard, we've invited a guest speaker (virtually) for Minna no Anime's 30th Anniversary Party! Oddworld game series director Lorne Lanning will be giving us a live Zoom panel on Saturday the 19th from 2 to 3:30 PM on his experience in game design, 3D animation, character design, script writing, voice acting, and special effects. Lanning worked in Hollywood before co-founding Oddworld Inhabitants in downtown San Luis Obispo in 1994, and since then has been credited as the chief director for the Oddworld game series - spanning Abe's Odyssey on the original Playstation to Soulstorm on the PS5. Please fill out this form to help me gauge interest in certain topics and direct the flow of the interview to best fit what most people would like to hear about. Lanning is donating his time and is very knowledgeable in a variety of topics. Hope to see as many of you there as possible to give him a large crowd!"

Please fill this out!


In addition to the panel held by our guest speaker Lorne Lanning, there will also be other panels hosted by members of the club spread throughout the weekend. Take a look at the schedule to see if any of these interest you. Our members put in a lot of work into these panels, so they’re going to be great!

For instance, here are descriptions of the panels!

Anime Credits - What does it all mean?

Ever watched an episode of anime and wondered what those weird moon runes during the song at the end meant? Ever wondered who makes the Japanese cartoons you watch??? Well this is the panel for YOU!!! Minna no Anime’s local nerd guides you through what all these mystical Japanese terms mean.

By Michael Hendricks:

Shows of Next Year

In a certainly not satirical presentation, come and see which shows club will be watching next year. The full schedule of anime will be revealed in a panel will include a simplistic discussion of how officers determine what makes for a good and bad show in the weekly Saturday club lineup. 30 min.

By Andrew Harris

FanFiction A discussion about fan fiction, it's variety, quality and creativity across the anime-manga fandom. 30 Min

By Kaela Getz

Week 2: Officer Elections & Speeches
Posted by: Dominic Mares on 2022-04-04

Upcoming Events: Officer Election this Saturday

This Saturday we will be holding officer elections to decide the fate of our club. Speeches will likely take place during the dinner break, and the election process will take place on this very website. You need a membership to vote, but you don’t need one to run, so if you’re still interested, you can fill out this form by Friday and submit a written speech:
As a reminder, speeches are 2-3 minutes, and you just have to talk about yourself and maybe what shows you may nominate for club. Speeches should be less than 4 minutes, so they’re not too hard to write.

Regularly Scheduled Events

Our first hangout of Spring Quarter will be this Thursday on April 7th, so come over to chill and play trivia.

We will of course also be holding our weekly Saturday Meeting and watching these episodes:
5:10 Lupin III: The Italian Adventure Episode 18
5:40 One Week Friends Episode 6
6:10 A Place Further than the Universe Episode 6
6:40 Princess Tutu Episode 19
7:05 Dinner!
8:05 Mekakucity Actors Episode 6
8:35 91 Days Episode 6
9:05 Planetes Episode 20
9:35 Fate/Zero Episode 18

Election Reminder and Saturday Meeting info
Posted by: Conrad Kinsey on 2022-04-21

Hello Minna!

Great seeing those of you at hangout tonight. We got a few quick reminders to catch you up on current events.


To those of you who are paid members, elections will be closing this Saturday at 5 pm. Votes that are not in by then will not be counted. you have been warned.

We will be announcing the results at the start of the dinner break on the same day. Please don't miss it, especially if you are running. We will be taking a picture of the new officer team after they are announced.

If you are confused about how voting works, you can find the instructions here

please direct any questions to our webmaster, Tomas.

Show Schedule for Saturday

Room 03-213 (the Silo)

Anime Eyes Day 1 Event (5:10 pm)
Mob Psycho 100 Ep 1 (5:40 pm)
Yuri on Ice!!! Ep 1 (6:10 pm)
Golden Kamuy Ep 1 (6:40 pm)

Dinner (7:10 pm)

Arakawa Under the Bridge Ep 1 (8:05 pm)
Great Pretender Ep 1 (8:35 pm)
Vinland Saga Ep 1 (9:05 pm)
Samurai Champloo Ep 1 (9:35 pm)

Room 03-114

Vote for shows here: here
First Meeting: Saturday!?
Posted by: Dominic Mares on 2022-06-01

Welcome back Minna!

We will be starting up our weekly watch schedule this Saturday (9/24)! We'll be meeting in the Silo (03-213) from 5-10 p.m. and will begin the night with introductions/a fun club created game called "Anime Eyes". Because of this, we will not be showing episode 1 of Dragon Pilot until next week and will be starting the night's viewing with Mob Psycho 100. There will be no other deviations from our regular schedule other than this and the schedule will be back to normal next weekend (10/1).

Hope to see you all this Saturday!

-The Officer Team

Club Bonfire at Grover Beach, This Sunday 10/2!
Posted by: Dominic Mares on 2022-09-30

Hello Minna!

We are happy to announce our first club event outside of our weekly hangout meetings and watch days! We will be having a bonfire Sunday (10/2) at Grover beach at 7:00 and will be meeting in front of the PAC at 6:00 (NOT POLY TIME) to sort out rides. If you're interested please signup through the link below and do so asap as we may have to limit people based on how many drivers we have.

This form will close Friday 9/30, so sign up sooner than later!